Students from 13 communities across the state were armed with cameras and a mission to document their world. They were trained on the basics of photojournalism, then worked to document what was helping them stay healthy, and what was holding them back. They then captioned the photo’s to tell a story of what’s going on in their community.


About the Project

We worked with 13 communities across Minnesota to participate in this project.

Cannon Falls, MN, Cottonwood, Jackson, Redwood Renville Counties, Dakota County, Grand Portage, Laporte, Mankato, Minneapolis, Ramsey, Red Lake Tribal Reservation, Rice County, Rochester, Todd County

We traveled to each community, did an initial training on how to use a camera to document their world. Then set them loose to take photo’s and tell their story. We reconvened to help them give life to their photo’s with captions to complete the story. The video featured on the homepage tells some of those stories.

We have compiled a book that features many of the photo’s taken from the communities. Check it out at ourphoto book page.

This project was funded by the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC.

This project was coordinated and produced by Community Blueprint.

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Health in my Hometown – Youth Photovoice Project

You can see many of the photo’s on our Flickr page, and even download the high-res file.

Click on this link to see more.

This is a compilation of many of the photos the students took. It is also available for PDF download here. 

Low-res version (4.9 mbs)

Hi-Res version (105 mbs)